Super Easy Sweet Paddu

Super Easy Sweet Paddu

These Paddus are light and tasty whether eaten hot or cold. They are suitable for lunch box or picnics.

Over ripe bananas and soured yogurt (dahi) work well in this recipe. Adjust the sugar according to the sweetness of bananas and taste preference.

  • Well ripe bananas 3-4 medium size, sliced
  • Yogurt (Dahi) 1 cup
  • Sugar 2/3 -3/4 cup
  • Salt 1 teaspoon
  • All-purpose flour (Maida) 2 cup
  • Coking soda 1 teaspoon, scant
  • Oil to cook the Paddus
Recipe Notes

Step 1

Super Easy Sweet Paddu Blend together the banana slices, yogurt and sugar. (I use Panasonic super mixer-grinder.

Step 2

Super Easy Sweet Paddu Add salt to the flour. Add the blended mixture and mix till smooth. Add enough water and mix to make a batter of medium pouring consistency. (Like Idli batter). Keep aside for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3

Super Easy Sweet Paddu Just before cooking the paddus, add soda to the batter and mix. Heat a paddu kadai till moderately hot. Add about ½ teaspoon of oil in each cup of the kadai. Keep the heat moderately low. Pour the batter in the kadai to come up to ¾ level of the cups. Let the paddus cook till bubbles appear on top, the batter looks slightly set and the underside of paddus are golden brown.

Step 4

Super Easy Sweet Paddu Drizzle few drops of oil on each paddu and flip it over to cook the top side.

Step 5

Super Easy Sweet PadduTransfer the cooked Paddus to a plate. Repeat with remaining batter.

Step 6

Super Easy Sweet Paddu Serve hot or cold (not chilled).
Note: Avoid cooking on high heat, which causes the paddus to brown quickly on outside before the batter is cooked through.
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